Ethical alternatives for advanced users is for non-technical people, and it’s always going to stay that way.

However, if you use technology a lot and know a fair bit about computers, you might want to check out these sites. They too provide ethical privacy-friendly alternatives, but they assume a lot more prior knowledge:

De-google-ify Internet – A very comprehensive list of privacy-friendly apps and internet services by the French open source enthusiasts Framasoft, including a lot of stuff for website owners, business people, developers and others.

Prism Break – A slightly cloak-and-dagger guide for advanced users on how to avoid mass surveillance programmes.

LineageOS – An alternative open source operating system for Android smartphones which removes Google’s apps and services. List of LineageOS compatible phones here. – Guide to Mastodon instances, to help advanced users choose a suitable instance. – A trippy, fantasy-themed guide to all the federated social networks currently available or in development, with technical details on each network.

The Federation – Public statistics about all federated social networks (note that the stats are only from opted-in sites, so some sites aren’t listed).

Compute Freely – A guide to switching to Linux on your computer.

Linux Games – List of open source games for Linux and other platforms.


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